March 19, 2012


I went to bed at 3 in the morning after franticly designing a poster due in class later today. 
I woke up to a cat licking my foot and my annoying alarm blaring in my ears at 8 am.

I look outside and scream and fall over at the sight of 4 inches of snow on the ground with more falling each second.  It's March; we should be done with snow by now.

I throw a coat on and run outside to clean snow off the car so mom and I won't be late to the airport.

I help mom search for her missing glasses, she finds them.

I forget to eat breakfast.

I drive very slowly to town with mom freaking out every time I accelerate to more than 30 mph =)

I get reprimanded for running on ice by the guy shoveling snow at the Cascade gas station. 

I drive very carefully and slowly (in my opinion) on the freeway, while mom freaks out at my driving again.

I get mom to the airport on time!!! Woot!

I drive to Staples to get my poster printed, but alas my document is not compatible with the printer's computer!  I quickly pull out my laptop and export the file to PDF and it gets printed!  Yey =)

I drive to Smiths with the intent of purchasing sustenance, and I run into my dear sweet sister! 

I forget to acquire sustenance and get nail polish that was on sale instead. Darn....

I go to Michaels after parting ways with the sister and I buy spray-on-paper-glue.

I run errands for Cheryl and buy goat feed for her, at the feed store I have a lovely conversation with a lady who wants to buy one of my sister's goats, she gives me a very professional looking card which I later deface.

I drive to the bank thinking to run in, deposit my checks and then be on my merry way in minutes.  Think again.  I spend half an hour talking to a lady who wants me to get a credit card, uggg.

I go to Target to purchase a ruler since I carelessly forgot mine at home.  I sit in the back seat of the car and use the ruler and my exacto knife to cut my poster/foam board down to size for the poster I mentioned earlier.  I cut my finger in the process.  I then use the spray glue stuff to attach my poster to the foam board!!!!!!!!  PROJECT COMPLETE!!!!! There is much rejoicing.

I realize that I am growing weak with hunger, I run on the ice (again) to get to Little Creasers where I buy some delectable Crazy bread.  I devour it within minutes.

I become thirsty, so I dash to Albertsons to buy iced coffee.  I bump into a guy I don't like in the store and I make a run for it back to the car! 

I realize that I despise manual transmit ions when I stall the car in the school parking lot. 

I try to ignore the fact that everybody in the school is staring at me because my wet sneakers are squeaking LOUDLY on the floor.

I make it to the library and collapse on a chair, exhausted from the day’s events.  It's only 2:00 in the afternoon.

I still have classes to go to till 7 pm.  Dear God, please help me survive the rest of the day!

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  1. From someone who has known you since you were really lttle, none of this surprises me somehow. :) Glad you made it safe through the day though! Em