January 31, 2012


I wonder if most women have an indescribable desire to change their hair style frequently............or if it's just me.  In the last year, I've changed hair color regularly with some of the colors and styles ranging from: dark red, carrot orange, blond, light red, purple, black, brown, pinkish blond, coppery brown, gold, maroon, two toned, three toned, pixie short, long, shoulder length, boy style, etc.  I get a giddy feeling that tingles all the way down to my toes when I try something new with my hair.  My parents think I do this to revel in the shock people have when they see me looking different all the time.  Honestly I could care less about the opinions other people have about my hair, I do it because it's fun and I like change.  Through photographs my changing hair color is a helpful way to remember events that I might have forgotten otherwise.  Example:  My brother and I were trying to distinguish between two different visits from the same family members.  Only after observing the changed color and style in my hair were we able to determine which picture came first. 
I know, weird but brilliant =)

January 19, 2012

To Migrate


I used to love this time of year.
There is a sort of hypnotizing beauty in watching snow fall or trying to memorize the unique patterns of frost on the windows.
I enjoyed epic snowball fights with my brothers and making snow men that were reminiscent of ones we saw in Calvin and Hobbes comic books.
Snowshoeing in the fields on a still night when it would be so quiet that you could almost hear the snow falling.  Then to come back to a warm house to thaw out on the couch with a blanket, hot cider, a cat and a good book.
Those were the days.

There are farm chores to do during the day that require quite some time outdoors in all types of bad weather.
There is the hour drive to school every day in a car with the worst heater possible.
Not to mention the college building never heats up.... so it's hours in the ice box.
Then the cold drive home only to do more chores in the snow.
Playing in the snow?  No way, if I can spend most of my time indoors I will.
I freeze and stay frozen for most of the day (and night). I don't think my toes will ever thaw out!

I want to migrate to the equator and not return till all this snow is gone.